Here’s What Makes Cold Pursuit A Worthwhile Watch

The best thing about this movie is the humor. You definitely need to see this action thriller, just for the witty and funny catch phrases. However do you think Liam Neeson will allow you to watch Cold Pursuit online for free? Considering it was released on Lawless Films in the first week of February, 2019 and yet to break even.

scene from cold pursuit

All jokes aside, the best part of the full movie is how Liam Neeson, the main character, reacts to the joke about Top Gun. In case you live under a rock, Top Gun is another classic featuring an actor on the same level as Liam, Tom Cruise. The only difference between these actors is that Liam is kind of afraid of heights while Tom seems to enjoy more airborne environments.

Cold Pursuit Has A Twin

Three years before this thriller, a similar film was made with a similar plot. In summary the plot is basically that, a snowplow driver decides to revenge his son’s death and becomes a damn good killer at that. Something about remakes, is that they tend to be more refined and relevant to the present audience. At some point today’s movie fans were described as action junkies and this second attempt of director, Moland is a much needed hit for the addicts.

The Production Quality

Before you see Cold Pursuit whether for free or not, make sure you watch it in the highest resolution as possible. Otherwise, you will not enjoy the fruits of the genius production crew. The sets were professionally lit to resonate with the action. The production designer did an exceptional job of making sure the audience get immersed into the story and forget that they’re sitting on an old seat, eating expired sugar coated things. Night shots were definitely made beautiful by the realistic practical lighting.

The sound is well done, it happens to be very clear and crisp just the we like it. The effects are believable as compared to another disappointing blockbuster that I will not mention. For a better audio experience use a multiple channel speaker set-up, but you can still enjoy the sound even on a mono sound output.

The editing is good too, it simply did not get in the way of the story telling. Sometimes it is nice not to notice some cuts. The grading is also done well and someone watching just for entertainment will experience the emotions that come from exposure to cold and warm colors respectively. The production plays a good role of complimenting the story.

Nels Coxman played by Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson and other major cast bring their experience to this action-thriller in an artful way. The acting is not Oscar worthy but it works well for Cold Pursuit. The average fan will enjoy the hidden surprises, so be on the lookout for those.

One advantage of watching a movie online is that you can rewind it whenever you want, although I do not recommend fast forwarding. If that little tool does not appeal to you then how about the cost, it is relatively cheaper than purchasing a DVD or going to the theater. Do not get me wrong, the actual ticket is cheaper but remember you have to get refreshments, snacks and sometimes you are compelled to tip someone. I am in no way trying to kill the big screen culture, as this is how cinema is meant to be seen but enjoying technology is not a crime.


One thing is for sure, those of us who are parents will relate with the story and those of us who are sons and daughters will appreciate the love of our guardians. It is very rare for an audience to get excited for a film only because it is funny. In context we watch movies so that we can be transported into the world of the characters and we forget our real-life problems for a while. On that note, I dare you to go online and stream Cold Pursuit. I promise you, that those funny punch lines will linger in your head for a long time to come. Enjoy and don’t say I told you so.